Monday, August 22, 2011

Geeky Gadget #10: Iphone Virtual Reality Viewer

This next gadget I'm about to talk about is called iphone Virtual Reality viewer. This is a devices that is used along side Your iphone to create an immersive  3-dimensional viewing experience. The device uses the iphone's accelerometer in order to create 3D environments that move when the iphone is moved.the device is used by looking through it just as you would with a pair of binoculars, and two finger holes in the bottom allow you to use the iphone's touch screen.

You can use the device in order to watch 3D movies, become a great white shark and roam underwater with 360 degree movement to find prey and buried treasure, or play a number of interactive games.
The iphone virtual reality viewer cost $50, which is a pretty decent price.

that is it for today's post guys, I will see you all tomorrow!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Back :D

Hey guys!

Sorry I have not made any posts in the past 2 weeks, I was on vacation, in another part of the world.
I just made this quick post to let you all know that I'm back, and my regular blogging will resume on Monday.

So see you all on Monday!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Geeky Gadget # 9: MySky Star and planet Identifier

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend, because i know I did.

This next gadget I'm about to talk about is called MySky:

If you are just like me, and are clueless about the night sky, then  this is the gadget for you. The MySky star and planet identifier looks like a deadly ray gun out of sci-fi movies, but instead of shooting lasers, it will help youlearn about the night sky. All you have to do is point the gun ant a specific star, planet, nebula or galaxy, and it will provide you with all the information you need about the object from the database of over 30,000 celestial objects.

The Mysky identifier uses a 12 channel GPS receiver, magnetic north sensory and accelerometers, which will help you identify and learn about anything in the sky.The best part about this nifty device is that it will even take you on a guided audio and visual tour, which will highlight the best bits based on your current time and location.

The MySky is priced at $400, and it features a full-coulour LCD screen that illuminates sights to easily point at objects, and it can also be used along side a telescope

Thanks for your time guys...see you all tomorrow.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Geeky Gadget #8: Carzor Razor

This next gadget that I'm about to talk about is mainly for the male readers. Have you guys ever found yourself in a shaving emergency situation where you needed to shave quickly, but you were away from your shaving razor at home? well I introduce to you the Carzor Razor:

This is a wallet sized razor, that you can use on the go, weather you are at work, at a party, or you just realized you missed a spot shaving when that morning. This razor also comes with a mirror, so you can shave anywhere your heart desires. You can also choose a scent for you razor, where you can choose between mint, sandalwood, lemon, ocean breeze, or orange stripe to moisturize and freshen you up.

The best part about this is that it is not stupid expensive like other concept shavers. The Carzor Razor retails for $17, which is not too bad.

So tell me what you think about this crazy device...Is this actually useful to anyone, and would you buy it?

Thanks for your time guys, and have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Geeky Gadget #7: Real life Bat-Pod

I'm pretty sure that everyone of my readers have seen "The Dark Knight", if you haven't, then you fail at life! No but seriously, you should really watch it, because it is one of the greatest movies of ALL TIME!

Anyways, today I came across this article about a real life, fully working, Batpod replica, that is being put up for sale on ebay.

Here is what it looks like:

Compared to the one from the Batman Movie:

There is only one of these Batpods made, and it sells for $100,000! And remember, this is a fully functioning, street legal, motorcycle. The specs, for those who are interested, are as follows: It has a 650cc, 4 stroke watercooled engine, and it features a direct port nitros injection.

There is also going to be a replica of the Batmobile made, that is going to be sold to the public...I can't even imagine how much the Batmobile is going to cost...But for that one person who has enough money, and is willing to spend it on the Batmobile, it sure is going to be a special treat.

That's it for today folks...Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Geeky gadget #6: Ferrari Simulator

There are many people who would like to own a Ferrari, but the problem is that it is too expensive. So the next best thing is a simulator:

German Engineers have developed this simulator by using an Industrial Robot Arm and using Cyber-motion technology. The way it works is that player sit on a cabin at the end of the Robot Arm, and drive a Ferrari with Force-Feedback steering wheel and pedals.The aim is to make the experience real as possible without buying a real Ferrari.

This project was done mainly for research purposes. The researchers wanted to know how humans perceived, and experienced the sensation of motion....So that means this bad boys are not really for sale...well not yet. I bet they will start manufacturing these simulators for public use in a couple of years, and when they do I will be the first to buy one.The Researchers are also planning on adapting the simulator in order to create the experience the effect of being on a plane, helicopter, ships, and other vehicles...which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Here is a video of the Beast:
That is it for today...See you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Geeky Gadget #5: A Robot that can Think, Learn, And Act For Itself

Japan does it again! The researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology recently designed and built a robot that can think, learn, and solve problems on its own, using artificial intelligence.

The researchers at the Institute used a technology called Self-Organising Incremental Neutral Network (SOINN), which means that when this robot is faced with a problem that  it has never seen before, it uses its past experiences in order to make educated guesses as to what  should be done. If the robot does not know how to solve a problem, it will ask for help and can be taught how to do that task, and he will remember it for future.

I guess this means that we are one step closer to World Robot Domination, haha, I joke, I joke. No but the most scary part is that this robot is web-enabled, which means it can communicate with other robots over the web, and learn how to do a task....We need John Connor!

Here is a video of the Robot in Action :

Well that is it for today's post...See you all tomorrow!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Geeky Gadget #4: Mouse Calculator

Have anyone here been browsing the interwebz, only to find that you are in need of a calculator? you frantically look for a calculator around the room, but you can't find one. Your other option is opening the Microsoft Calculator on your computer, but we all know that calculator is basically unusable. So this next gadget that I'm  about to talk about is an interesting one. It is a Bluetooth mouse, with a combined with a calculator. Here is how it looks like:

This is a Canon X Mark I Mouse Lite. It combines a laser mouse with the functionality of a keypad and 10-digit calculator. Canon is planning on releasing the product next month, and it will cost around $60. Now with that price i don\t think this mouse will be worth buying, I know some people definitely enjoy the use of the product, but most of the population will probably not buy it, none the less, it is still a very cool gadget.

That is it for this Friday Internet, enjoy your weekend (because I know I will, lol)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Geeky Gadget #3: Flip Phone

This next gadget that I'm about to talk about, puts a new meaning on "Flip Phone". This is what I'm talking about:

The name of this phone is "Flip Phone", and it is basically made of 3 flexible touchscreens, and a keyboard on the reverse side. You flip between the 3 touchscreens in order to use the different applications of the phone. The bad news is that this is only a prototype, and it is not available on the market. But imagine when we do have the technology to actually manufacture it, it will make the Iphone look like one of those phones from the 90s. 
Here is another photo showing how the Flip Phone is made: 

Now I could not find that much info on this phone, but I did find a video of it that shows the phone being used. Her it is:

Well that is it for geeky gadget #3, enjoy the rest of you Thursday Super Geeks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Geeky Gadget #2: Cryptex Flash Drive

I came across this amazing gadget while browsing Reddit. This has to be one of my favourite geeky gadgets of all time. This is a Cryptex Flash drive. Many of you might know about a cryptex from reading (or watching) Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code", but for those of you who don't know what a cryptex is, it is basically a portable vault that contains secret messages.

Now, the amazing gadget above is a fan-made, and sadly it is not available to buy anywhere, which is a pretty bummer. But i do really hope they start manufacturing it because I would buy it in less than a second. I'm sure many of you have nosy friends and family, and just like me, you would want to hide all of your digital stuff from them.

Here is another picture showing all of its parts:

Well this is it for my second Geeky Gadget, hope you guys have a great Wednesday.

Carry on Super Geeks!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gadget #1: Binder Clips Cable Managment

This first Geeky gadget is for anyone who has a laptop. Having a laptop means having many extra devices attached to it, such as a USB mouse, a webcam, headphones, Ethernet cable, and ipod/iphone chargers. Having all of these devices means having a tangled mess, and always trying to find the right cable. Well I have a great device, that costs about a dollar, and takes seconds to setup. That's right, all you need are a couple of binder clips, which you can easily get from your friendly neighbourhood office supply store. After you have your clips, this is how it is setup:

This little paper clip device is an amazing thing to have. I currently use it in University, and it has made my life so much less stressful, and Rage-Free. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a laptop, it will make your life that much easier.

Well, I guess this is it for my first review, so come back tomorrow for my next Geeky-Gadget Review. 

Carry on my Super Geeks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My First Post!!! Sweet!

Hello all!!!

Welcome to my blog. As you might have read it from the name of this blog, I will review many geeky gadgets, that are a must have for any who is a GEEK! I will try to post everyday from Monday to Friday, and I will have my first post Tomorrow. So let's get this thing Started!